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 Setti MasterServer BOOST

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PostSubject: Setti MasterServer BOOST   Sun May 06, 2012 1:47 am

1. Submit server
Here you can add your own server ( to Setti Server List. All servers are verified before they are added on the list. Servers get listed in couple hours from the submission.

2. Setti MasterServer BOOST
Setti Masterserver provides serverlists to thousands of players daily. It is important that players find good servers. Now it is possible for server admins to promote servers in Setti Masterserver.

Notice that BOOST is recommended for CS1.6 servers. Boost technically works for all game types - however the effect is best seen with CS1.6 servers. Admins of other game types need to consider the benefits before using boost!

There are two Boost methods: Weekly Boost and Boost Extra.

Weekly Boost is for pro server admins who want to make sure their servers are promoted for long time to players. The Boost time is a week. Weekly Boost is available via PayPal.

Boost Extra is alternative way to Boost. In Boost Extra the Boost time is fluctuating. The Boost Extra list is 200 servers long. New servers are added on the bottom of the list. Every new Boost pushes server upwards until the server is pushed off the list. It is possible to estimate the Boost time by checking how long the first server on the list has been Boosted. Boost Extra is available via SMS and PayPal

Send SMS messages only with mobile phone owner's permission. Servers that are boosted with fradulent means will be banned!

3. Setti MasterServer BOOST is available for:
Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Russia, Belarus, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Austria, Greece, Turkey, Finland, Great Britain, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico
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Setti MasterServer BOOST
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